August 16, 2020

What is Rar File? And How to open the RAR File?

Whenever we receive a compressed file. They are mostly in Zip format but some are in Rar format also. So, here I will tell you how to open RAR files.

It is easy to extract Zip files but it is not easy for everyone to open Rar files.

Let’s know about some of the websites using which you can extract or open your Rar files…


What are RAR Files?

Rar Files are a type of archive file in which you can store your many files in a single folder. The best thing about this is these get compressed whenever we convert them in RAR files.

Advantages Of RAR File

As soon as, you convert your file into the RAR file. Your File gets compressed due to which its size gets reduced. This helps you in easily sending or downloading the file.

These files are very safe and secure. It gets download fast through the Internet.

It prevents your file from being corrupt.


How to Open Rar Files?

HERE, I have discussed for both PC and Android Mobile Phone

For PC


To Open RAR Files, it is a very popular tool.

Besides this, by using Win RAR you can also open compressed files like ZIP, CAB, ARJ, TAR, etc.

If mistakenly your files get corrupted, then you can also repair your files here. It Comes with Industry-standard 128 and 256-bit AEC.

To open RAR files you just have to select RAR files. After this, you can easily extract RAR files.

After downloading this, you can use its free trial for around 40 days(it may vary).

Click here to Visit Win RAR


Commonly WinZip is used to extract or open Zip files but with the help of WinZip, besides RAR, 7 Zed, CAB, ISO. WinZip is able to open may other formats.

It is easy to use. You Just have to drag the file to the WinZip window and it will open in a few seconds.

Besides this, Using WinZip you can also compress or convert the files. It supports 128 and 256-bit keys AES encryption.

You can save your file in Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and more. As your needs, you can save your file in any of these.

At last, I cleared you that WinZip is not a free App. You have to pay to use it. But you can use a 21-day trial of it.

Click here to visit WinZip


You can also open RAR files using 7-Zip. This Software supports Cross-Platform.

7-Zip is free software and open source.

If you have many files then you can compress them easily by putting them all in the same folder. Here, You can Compress files in Zip formats.

Well, you don’t need any other Software to extract Zip from any of the files. You can also share your compressed file.

And the best thing about this is that it is password protected. So, it can be shared with everyone easily and safely.

This Software is available for Windows, Mac, And Linux also.

Click here to visit 7-Zip

For Android Mobile Phone


It is a totally free App.

Rar is an all on one Android Application. It is a simple, easy and quick compression program, archiver, assistant, extractor, manager, and even a basic file explorer.

You can create RAR and ZIP file with it. You can also unpack or extract your RAR, ZIP, TAR, ISO, ARJ, and many other Archives files.


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