August 16, 2020

What is Agent Smith? How to keep the data secure?

If you are using an android device, then this post is going to be very important to you. You have to be very careful with Agent Smith Malware.

Recently Cyber Security Firm CHeckpoint Research has published a report.

According to this Report, In India over 1.5Crore Andoird Mobile Phones are affected by the virus or Malware. And the name of the Virus is Agent Smith.

Latest Reports on Agent Smith Malware

According to the report, this malware works to steal users’ banking data by displaying advertisements that benefit them.

Company’s Researchers have also said that Smartphone users should not install or download the Applications from the Third-Party App Stores.

According to the Reports, this malware was first downloaded from the 9Apps App Store.

After the report came out, the 9App Store has issued a statement that they are investigating the matter and the company is constantly in contact with Google.

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What is Agent Smith?

It is a new Malware that has affected many android phones. As it replaces the original source code of the app with its code.

And then use that app for its use. Sometimes it shows many inappropriate ads on your device just to make money.

Sometimes show many Vulgars things in your smartphone. It also can steal your personal information.

It Steals your bank details from your Smartphone. Can Access any of your apps and steal data from there. Can Spy on you by taking access to your camera on its own.

Let’s Discuss Some of the points to keep our data secure from this Malware secure…

To save your Pc(Personal Computer) or Laptop safe from Phishing, Malware, etc. You should install original antivirus software on your PC. Antivirus Deletes Malware, Spyware, etc whenever identifies them.

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To keep your account safe you should change your password from time to time. And the most important thing is that Don’t share your password with anyone.

Don’t keep your password short. Make it hard by using both upper and lower case alphabets, a number and also a special character.

The password should be kept difficult, so that can not easily know to anyone. Don’t share any information related to your accounts.

If till you don’t have subscribed for mobile notifications then subscribe right now. So, anytime a transaction will be done, you will get notified.

If you don’t have done the transaction then you can do the report against the transaction.

Not only the transactions, but you can also know “How many times has the account been logged in by entering the wrong password”. This information is also provided.

Don’t Sign in in your Net-Banking account whenever you received an E.mail or a message to Sign in.

Always Visits the Official website of the bank to Login into your account.

Always Remember that Banks never ask you for Your Login Password. If you receive any such emails or calls, then in such a situation never share your account information.

Never use any Public Computer to log in to your NetBanking Account. If it is necessary, then don’t forget to Logout from that device.

After Log Out, also delete your history and cache of the browser. Also, delete the temporary files of the computer.

Its best to login to the account in the Incognito Mode.


Que.- How do I check my Phone or Pc for Malware?

Install antivirus in your Smartphone or in your Pc. It will notify you, whenever a virus or malware enters your device.

Que.- How do I Remove Malware from Android or Pc?

Install Antivirus, and scan your Android Phone or Pc for the virus. If you find any Virus or Malware immediately delete that Malware.

Que.- How do I get rid of Malware?

Enter in Safe Mode By turning off and then on your Pc. Delete Temporary Files by using Disk Cleanup Tool in Safe mode in your PC.

Or by simply installing Antivirus in your PC or Android Smartphone.

Que.- What Malware can Do?

Malware is malicious software that can harm your device in many ways. It can steal your information, can spy on you, can use your device on its own, etc. For more Click Here…

Que.- Can I get a Virus from opening an eMail in My Smartphone or PC?

Yes, Viruses like Trojan Horses and Worm are likely to be activated when you open an attachment which is sent with the eMail. The Safest View to View EMail is Plain texts.

Hope, You like the provide information on Agent smith Malware. If you have any queries. you can write to us below. Also, share this useful information with friends and family.

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