August 16, 2020

How to Track sent Emails for Gmail free?

If you are looking for a post on To Track Emails that are sent from Gmail then, you are at the right place.

To send Emails Gmail is a very popular service.

Gmail comes with many functions or services but still, it does not have a function to track an email.

So that with which we come to know that the sent email has been read by the person to whom we have sent or not.

As the concept of Receipt or tracking email was first introduced when

Whatsapp was introduced in the market then it comes with the read receipt. After that peoples also started searching for Read-receipt in Gmail.

Well, But there is no need to find or search a read-receipt option in Gmail because there is no option is given in Gmail for that.

But there are some tricks with which you can track your Emails or get read receipts from those whom you have sent emails from Gmail or outlook.

With the way that we have shared, it will be easy for you to track the email that you have sent.

Not only that email is received by them or not. If this is not enough then you can also track that they have clicked on that or not.

If you use your Desktop PC or Laptop to send emails then you can use an extension for your chrome browser to track them.

So, here I have shared different ways to track your sent emails. Check them out…

Boomerang For Gmail

The first one is Boomerang for Gmail.

You can use the Boomerang extension to track your sent emails from gmails in Google Chrome Browser.

Boomerang For Gmail is a free extension that you will get on the chrome app and it can be installed in a single click in just a few seconds.

After installation, it will ask you for some access or permissions, after which you can receive your read receipt or track your emails with it.

As you will send an email as soon as the receiver clicks on the email you will get notified with the notifications that the receiver has read your email.

Boomerang For Gmail is available in both versions as free and paid.

With the free one version, you can only track 10 emails in a day. So, if you send too many emails a day.

Then only tracks those emails which are necessary for you to keep tracking.

If you buy its paid version then you can track more emails a day as your needs.

The best thing about this service is that with this, you can schedule your emails.

So, if you want to send an email on a specific time, or the day you can schedule it for that specific time.

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Its mobile version is also available for mobile phones. For this, you have to install or download its app for your Android smartphone.

BananaTag Email Tracking

This Chrome Extension is also a good option.

You can install BananaTag extension in your chrome browser from its website or it is also available in the Chrome app store.

As soon as the app will installed you will be able to track your sent emails.

Now, you can check that the receiver has got your mail or not and also you can check your mail has been read by them or not.

BananaTag extension is available for both outlook and Gmail.

This tracking extension is available in both free and paid versions. You can choose it as your needs.

After installing this extension as you send your email then you just have to tap on the Bananatag icon.

Then that email will be got tagged and then you can track that email. This works with both Outlook and Gmail and it is also available for mobile devices.


As sometimes it is necessary for us to know that our sent email has been watched and read.

So, I hope these extensions will really help you in tracking your emails. As these extensions help mine too.

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