August 16, 2020

How to do Hard Reset of any OPPO Smartphone?

Searching for “How to do Hard reset of your oppo mobile phone”. Then you are in the right place.

Doing Hard Reset of a smartphone is a simple process. You will get it easily.

The process that I am going to tell here will be helpful for you in a way that using this you can reset any model of OPPO.

Steps To Do Hard Reset of OPPO smartphone

Follow these steps to reset your OPPO Smartphone:

First, open your phone settings

Then scroll down your screen till you see Additional Settings,

Then, again scroll down your screen till you see Backup & Reset and then click on it

Again scroll down your screen. As you saw the “Reset to Factory Settings” option just click on it.

Now, you will see that different reset options are shown on your screen. Some of which are:

  • Reset System Settings
  • Erase All App Data & Deletable Apps
  • To Erase All Content & Settings
  • Erase Contacts & Call Logs
  • Erase all SMS & MMS

You can select the options as your needs. I have explained all the above options below after the Steps that are showing “how to do Hard Reset”?

Select, Option “To Erase All Content And Settings.

Then it will ask you to enter Password if you have kept Password in it.

If you have not placed any Password then it will automatically start resetting your OPPO Smartphone.

But before proceeding with these steps if you don’t know about this option then check out about these options below:

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Let Me explain to you about all these options that what you can do with these

1. Reset System Settings

With This Setting, you can reset your all system settings from the phone.

2. Erase All App Data & Deletable Apps

With this Option your data that is stored in your apps will be deleted and also the apps that you have installed will also get deleted.

3. Erase All Content & Settings

This option is also known as Hard reset as with the help of this option you will be able to delete all the data that you have stored in your primary storage or Mobile Storage.

4. Erase Contacts & Call Logs

With this, your option you can delete all contacts and Call Logs also that are stored in your Phone storage.

Call Logs Constitute of Dialed Numbers, Received calls, Missed Calls, etc

Your Contacts that you have stored in your Sim Cards will not be deleted.

5. Erase All SMS & MMS

SMS stands for Short Message Service. MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service.

This option will allow you to delete all your SMS and MMS that are stored in Phone storage.

This message may be your Sent Messages, Drafts, Received Messages, etc.

Again, here also SMS that stored on SIM Card will not be deleted.


I hope, you have understood the process of doing Hard Reset of your OPPO Smartphone.

But Still, if you have any queries related to Do Reset then you can ask me in the comment section.

Here, is the quick review of the steps to do Hard Reset:

Follow These Steps to Reset Oppo Smartphone

Setting> Additional setting>Backup&Reset>Reset to Factory Setting>Erase All Content & All Settings

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