August 16, 2020

Fake Mobile Apps, How to know about them?

Fake Mobile Apps, How to know about them?

Recently Google has also removed many fake mobile apps (i.e., beauty, maps, etc.,.) from google play store.

An Application (or an app) is a computer program or a software application designed to run on various mobile devices such as smartphones, iPhones, tablets or watches.

Applications, we are using in our smartphones or in our desktops/laptops are very useful to us.

But if we download or install fake mobile apps (or wrong application) in our Android phone or PC. Then, it can harm our devices or even it can make us Pauper(कंगाल).

Before sharing the information on Fake Mobile Apps. I also want that you know about these generally asked questions:

What are Fake Apps?

Fake Apps are the android or iOS applications that look similar to legitimate applications. Also, fake apps are designed with similar functionality just as legitimate applications. To trick the users to install or download them. 

Why Fake Apps are made?

Fake apps are made with the wrong purpose by the fraudsters to steal the data of the peoples. Sometimes, Fake Apss are also made to spy on its users.

  Why Fake Apps owners designed their apps similar to the popular pre-existing apps?  

They do so because people have their trust in popular apps or they don’t even have a doubt on them.

I hope, from this short information you come to know that what are fake apps, and how badly it can affect our smartphones. 

But this was only a short description and if you want to know more about the fake apps then.


How Fake Apps can affect us?

Whenever we buy a new Smartphone or iPhone, we start installing apps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. These apps may be related to games, music, messaging, etc.😱😱😱

Sometimes, we also download apps from an unknown source.

But wait, Did you know that the apps you are installing are real or fake. There are many fake apps these days at the App Store or Play Store that may look similar to the original app. 

If you can not identify the correct app or mistakenly you installed the fake app. Then you can get trapped in big trouble. 

Nowadays, cybercriminals or fraudsters are developing these fake apps with similar names of popular apps and putting these fake apps on different platforms. 

In such a way

  • Downloading the wrong app can not only steal your personal information but it can also freeze your money through the e-Wallet. Such incidents are increasing rapidly.
  • Fake applications perform a variety of various malicious actions. 
  • Some apps are so malicious that you will not be able to uninstall the app after installing it. 
  • Sometimes, fake apps reinstall itself by keeping its backup in your phone storage, where even antivirus can’t find them.

Fake mobile apps can Steal our information: 

Recently, Google has removed  29 apps from the play store. These apps were sharing pornographic content on various apps likes- beauty apps, health, etc.

According to the American Cyber Security firm’s report, some of these apps were downloaded Millions of times. In India, these apps were downloaded in large numbers.

However, Google has already deleted these apps from the Play Store. 

Fake apps get their user’s personal information and do their misuse. These Fake Apps only work to make money from embedded advertising. 

Some of these apps ask for money to remove Adds, while many other apps want to take a permit from Android users to get many kinds of information, which are usually not needed.  Such apps cause a threat to the user’s security. 

According to the reports of Sophos Labs17  most downloaded fraud apps give lured to customers for reward points, cashback, free data, and also no-interest loans.

Fake Apps can Steal our Personal Data

These Fake Apps can steal our Personal data(Photos, Videos, Call Recording or even more) by uploading it on its server without asking for our permission to do so. 

Fake Apps Can make us Bankrupt

These Fake Apps can steal all bank information that we have stored in our smartphone or it can steal our E-Wallet money without our access.

Fake Apps Can also Spy on us:

This was also found that some fake apps are also spying on their users. As it’s opening the camera of the smartphone on its own to keep an eye (or spy) on its user.

Fake Apps have Malware in them

It was also found that many fake apps are infected with many special created Malwares. Through that Malware, Apps can steal your information. 

It was also found that, through these infected apps. The developer of these fake apps can use your smartphone to perform their work.

Fake Apps can perform or show any wrong things in our smartphone

Sometimes, it was found that fake apps show pornography or nudity adds in smartphones. Just to make an income from those adds\advertisements.

So, before downloading an app, you should take care of some things. . .

How Can We Avoid Fake App from being downloading or installing?

So, before downloading or installing any apps you must follow these steps to avoid downloading or installing fake apps:

Download Apps from only official app stores:

You should download apps from the official app stores only.

You should use the Google Play Store for downloading apps on your android smartphone.

Well, the advantage of downloading apps from Google’s official app stores is that apps are automatically checked by Google App Store.

NOTE: It has also found that Fraud Apps are also found at play store. So, you also have to be careful when installing new apps. About whom you don’t know much.

Must Read the Permissions or Access the Apps wants:


You can read the permissions that an app can ask after installing it. The above image is showing from where you can read the permissions.


After installing the app, see what type of permissions (or access) is being the app asking from you.

If you give all of the permissions to the app, then it cannot be secure in terms of security.

Because that app will get the full access to check your personal details. So, Always be careful while giving permissions to the apps.

For example, if you are downloading gaming apps, but it is asking for permission to read your contacts from your phone, then you should think that why this gaming app is asking permission or access to read your contacts?

Must Read the Reviews of the Apps:


You must have to read the reviews of the apps, Once a time before downloading the apps. 

It has also happened that the scammers put apps that look similar to popular apps on these platforms. 

If you feel anything wrong with the app, then there is the public feedback system, where the users can give their feedback to the app or can share their experience with that app.

Must See & Read the Description of the Apps:


It is commonly seen that fake applications make Grammar mistakes. 

Besides this, if the description of the app is too small, it can also mean that developers are not very confident about that app or they are hiding something about the app. 

Focus on the apps name, color & design of the apps logo or the apps name spelling. 

Many times there is a slight difference in the design or spelling of the fake apps and real apps, such as BHIM or BHEEM.

Must View the Developers of Apps:


If you search for an app on the Google Play Store, then many apps with similar names appear. Many of them are Fake Apps. 

So before downloading an app please take a look at the names of developers during that time. 

Many fake app Developers also copy the real name of the real app developer too. So note that there is no special sign or letter written in front of the developer’s name. 

Besides this, you can also visit the developers’ website too. Through this, you will come to know whether the app is fake or not. 

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Also, take a view of the Installation Number:

Many times with the installation number of the app you can come to know whether the app is fake or not. 

On the Google Play Store, you can see the number of downloads of the apps. But Apple does not share the number of downloads of the apps.

If you find any app fake, then Google Play Store provides you with a feature. With that, you can report about the app.

What steps we can take to survive from fraudulent or fake apps?

You can Install an antivirus:

You can use good antivirus in your smartphone to avoid the fraudulent app. Your Antivirus will warn you when you will try to download Fake apps. 

Avoid downloading Apps from Third-Party App store:

If not necessary, don’t download apps from third-party app stores. 

But, if you want to download from a third-party app store, then F – Droid and APKMirror can be better. Because these apps are run by the Trusted Community.

If you want to know what installed apps are accessing in your phone or what app wants to access, then you can download the AppBrain Ad Detector app for this. (this app is available on play store).

How to keep the Android Phone Secure:

To keep your smartphone more secure. Then you can do it by installing a good and trusted antivirus for your smartphone.

Must keep an eye on the various activities that are being done by the apps in your android smartphone.

The Google Play Store is the safest platform for Android users to download the apps.

Every android device comes with Google Play Store and Google Play Protect service. This service keeps the phone safe by scanning more than 50 billion apps every day.

Google Play and Google Play Protect apps automatically identify the harmful or fake apps on your smartphone.

Third-party apps ask for access to your location, contact, camera, microphone, and storage. It is important that you give only necessary access to third-party apps.

“You can see the previously given access to the apps by you in your mobile phone. By visiting Settings>Apps & Notifications> Advanced> app permissions.”

Before giving any access or permissions to the app first think about that ” Why this app is asking for this kind of permissions”?

I Hope Through this blog you come to know the answers to these questions.

How Dangerous or harmful fake apps can be?

What is the purpose of making Fake apps?

How can we keep our smartphones secure?

How can we come to know the app is fake or not?

Must steps we have to take before installing the app.

But if you have any other queries regarding fake apps, you can ask me at any time. Just write to us in the comment section.

Just comment below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

THANK YOU, for giving us a chance to let you know more about the Fake Mobile Apps.


Here from this blog, we have come to know the disastrous effects of Fake Apps. As it can steal our data and can use it for any wrong purpose. Or

It can steal our money from our digital wallets. And through stealing our information it can steal our money from our Bank Account too.

So, we must have to aware of these fake apps. And check the app before installing it by following simple steps. The above provide steps are the most important steps that you don’t have to forget while installing the app.

You can ask any Questions regarding any TECH Topic here. We will back to you As Soon As Possible.

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