August 16, 2020

Who is Vyommitra? What is the Meaning of Vyommitra?

Again ISRO has Stunned(Amazed) everyone as soon as they introduced their half humanoid robot named: “Vyommitra”.

It was introduced by ISRO chairman K Sivan and Principal Scientific Adviser K. VijayRaghavan at the conference on human space flight in Bengaluru.

You will be happy to listen that Now India also has its own Robot like Sophia. Where Vyomitra is also a She. Yeah, a female Robot.

She will be sent to space as a trial before Gaganyaan.

Where Gaganyaan is going to be India’s first manned space mission which will be launched in 2022.

So, as a trial, ISRO is going to send Vyommitra in the space capsule at the end of 2020 or in early 2021.

What is the Meaning of Vyommitra?

The word Vyommitra is a combination of two Sanskrit words “Vyom” and “Mitra”.

The meaning of Vyom is Aakash or Aasmaan in Hindi and Space in English.

Where Mitra means Friend.

So, Vyommitra means a Space friend. This half humanoid robot is going to help Indian scientists in many ways just as a friend does.

Special Features of Vyommitra

Here the features check them out:

  • Vyommitra can stimulate human functions required in space.
  • She can converse with the astronauts, recognize them and respond to their queries.
  • Her body stops at the torso and she has no legs.
  • She can take up postures suited for launch, do tasks and take commands.

Vyommitra is the result of a year-long effort of the ISRO’s Inertial Systems Unit in Thiruvananthapuram.

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