August 16, 2020

Airtel Customer Care Number| How to call them?

Many of us Know the Airtel Customer Care Number that is 121. But some of us don’t know “how to connect with them”.

As many of us face internet connection problems, so it is necessary for us to know how to connect with them?

Friends, So Here I am here to tell you that,

  • What is the Customer Care Number of Airtel,
  • How to connect with Airtel customer care

What is the Customer Care Number of Airtel?

The Customer Care Number of Airtel is 121.

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How to connect with Airtel customer care

Here, I will tell you the steps to call or connect to the Airtel customer care:

Dial 121 in your keypad and make a call on this number,


It will tell you to choose your language. You can choose any language from the provided languages by typing a number as told for the language.

for Hindi press 1, for English press 2

Choose your language from the options in which you want to listen to further instructions.

Remember that, choose that one language which you know better or that of your mother Tongue or Regional Language.

Then it will tell you to select between these options or it may be more:

  • Prepaid Service Press 1
  • Postpaid Service Press 2
  • Airtel fixed line Service Press 3
  • Airtel digital tv Service Press 4

Select whatever your connection is

For Prepaid Users

If you select then first it will tell your balance and validity. Then,

It will again ask you to choose between these options:

  • Unlimited packs or a special offer Press 1
  • Balance, recharge or for balance deduction Press 2
  • Data or Network information Press 3
  • To know the active call rate plan on your number Press 4
  • To Start or Stop any of these value-added services(VAS): hello tune, cricket or sports Press 5
  • Airtel Postpaid, DND(Do Not Disturb)or PUK(Personal Unlocking Code) related information or sim lost or to change the language Press Star *

Select options as your requirement. I am going for Data related information or complain. Same here, it will ask you to choose between these options:

  • If you are not able to use Internet services press 1
  • If you are not able to call or send an SMS press 2
  • To check your Handset and Sim status press 3
  • For Internet settings press 4
  • To talk Airtel Customer Service Specialist Press 9 (Sometimes it also told to press 6, So Listen Carefully).

Then press 9 to talk to Airtel Customer Service Specialist and wait till your call is attended by the Specialist.

For PostPaid Users, Fixed Line and Digitel Tv

After pressing 2, it will ask you to Dial your Postpaid Number.

After dialing your Mobile Number carry on the steps and proceed the same as the above steps.

It will be the same for Option 3- Fixed Line Service and Option 4- Airtel Digital Tv.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Que1- What is the Customer Care Number for Chennai?

Airtel Customer Care Number is the Same(121) for all states like Chennai, Hyderabad, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Telangana, Rajasthan, and other states too.

Que2- How to call Airtel customer care from other Networks?

To call Airtel, just dial 111 / 121 from your Airtel phone. You can also dial +234 802 150 0111 and +234 802 150 0121 if you are not using an Airtel phone or if you are abroad.

Que3- What is Airtel Broadband Customer Care Number?

Airtel broadband customer care number is also 121.

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Que4- What is Airtel Complaint Number?

Airtel Complaint Number is 198 and it’s a toll-free number.

Que5- How to Know the own Airtel Number?

You can dial any of these numbers to know your airtel mobile number:

  • *121*1# or
  • *121*9# or
  • *282#

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